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cities. stockton, that's the california city, flat-out bankrupt. it begins the bankruptcy journey in court today. everybody is watching. will the judge roll back city pensions and if he does, what about other california cities and town. same question for detroit, it's not technically bankrupt, but it's totally insolvent. kevyn orr runs the city and what will he do with a city with unpayable debts. everybody is watching that one. in some, some are improving, but not stockton and not detroit. ♪ >> we just outlined two american cities on the verge of or actually in bankruptcy. now how about an entire country on the verge of a flat-out depression. that's what cyprus faces, a bailout plan has been approved. bank accounts over 100,000 euros will be taxed. the russian mob losing. angela merkel, the germans winning. i'm going to call it catastrophe for the people of cyprus which is where we find rich edson. and rich, set the scene. i'm hearing that it's not chaos, it's not misery, they're actually having a party. it's a holiday today. go. >> it is a party, stuart. it is europe. the caf
by 30%. right now the fbi has stockton on is ten most dangerous city -- city's list. the third highest illiteracy rate in the nation. also of the dead go way. >> ultimately their core will say if you need to negotiate in a stronger position with the folks holding the majority of the debt right now. beckham last year believe they had a $37 million deficit in the city of 166 million. sitting there saying, you owe us $30 million per year. lighter nighter going back to pay. tried twice in the last year the charter renegotiate. the first time they tell them, and this is what is a believable. they did not qualify for hardship. i don't know what that means of the folks. what to they have to do, be under steep -- under siege by north korea? and then on top of that they give them the excuse that legally there's nothing we can do because our contract says are obligated to pay us so that we compare pensioners. gerri: thank you for coming on. appreciate your time. we will continue to paula. i hope you will come back. >> i would love to. thank you. gerri: are you underestimating your retirement nee
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2